Welcome to Carney Chiropractic Center! This page is designed to give you a closer look into our practice. Our introductory video is where we share our personal family story and how we got started on this journey of providing chiropractic care to our community. The other videos are short educational pieces that offer tips for various issues we commonly address in our practice. We hope you enjoy the information provided here!

Intro to Carney Chiropractic Center

Check out these quick tip videos that offer ways you can improve your lifestyle and overall health!

Dr. Loomis Lower Back Stretches


Improve your posture at the computer

Quick Tip: Neck Pain

Pediatric Chiropractic

Quick Tip: 20-20-20 Rule

Quick Tip: Tech Neck

The 3 Main Functions of the Nervous System

Quick Tip: Pregnancy & Chiro

Not Seeing Results With Other Treatments?

The Posture Health Connection

A Lesson from a Stork

Spine Sparing Strategies