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It's Your Life... Align Yourself with Chiropractic!

Carney Chiropractic Center is nestled in the heart of Baltimore County and is your best resource for better health. Located in Parkville, MD, Dr. Lance Loomis is committed to bringing better health through a hands-on approach for people in Baltimore, Perry Hall and Parkville, MD.

Carney Chiropractic Center uses chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy to support alignment of your spine and overall health. Dr. Loomis will also teach you about the connection between posture and the nervous system. In short, we are here to help you move better, look better and feel better.

Chiropractor in Parkville, MD

If you are new to Carney Chiropractic Center, please feel free to discover more about chiropractic care in our wellness section or by following us on social media. We are active on Facebook, Google, Yelp, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest, where we share a lot of free information you can use to improve your lifestyle.
Our office has a passion for helping you achieve your wellness objectives - whether it is improving your golf swing, playing with your children, training for your next race, or growing older gracefully. Align yourself with Carney Chiropractic Center and achieve your goals through great health!

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