Planning Well in the New Year

  The new year is an opportunity to reflect on the past and begin again with better focus on what really matters. Here at Carney Chiropractic Center, we value your family’s health and wellness, and would love to help you put your best foot forward in 2019. Take this opportunity of renewal and growth by getting organized and prioritizing your health.Without your health, it’s difficult to focus on anything else in life. We can keep you healthy with regular chiropractic care, and these ideas can keep you moving forward in an organized fashion in life. As technology continues to expand, we are overwhelmed with choices, so we are here to make it simple for you. We have researched the best apps and planners for keeping up with responsibilities while still prioritizing what is really important, like taking time for rest. Apps Most people just use the calendar app that comes pre- programmed on their phone, but there is so much more planning potential within the palm of your hand. Make the most of the technology you are already using with these apps. Day One Day One is an app that incorporates planning and calendars with journaling, all from your smartphone! Through this app, you can create healthy habits of reflective journaling, preserve your favorite memories throughout the year, marking places you’ve been and journaled about, and organize the different facets of your life. The app even allows you to incorporate pictures into your journaling. Cozi Great for growing families, Cozi helps you keep everyone’s events organized and in one easy-to-access place. Other benefits of the app include a real-time grocery list and storage for things like recipes and meal plans. Added bonuses of the app are to do lists (which could be doubled as chore lists for the kids), and a place to journal about family events you would hate to forget. My Study Life Some of the busiest people we know are students and educators, and this is the app for them. This app allows you to put all your assignments and exams in to keep track of due dates. It also provides reminders so you never have to turn something in late. Make your week as productive as possible with rotation schedules and timetabling. Planners As much as our phones can keep us connected and in the loop, sometimes planning is easiest when putting pen to paper. If you prefer the old fashioned method, we have some awesome choices for you. Thrive Planner This planner is best for goal setting and push through that pesky habit of procrastination. There are 8 layouts packed into one planner, so no aspect of life, planning, or motivation is missed. The year is broken down into 90 day periods to better assess how far you have come and where you are headed. Not only is this a well made planner, there are added bonuses to using it, like an online group of people just like you. Thrive Journal This journal is best for having an accountability partner in your pocket for things like eating healthy, creating positive habits, and living a happier life. The journal includes food logs, weekly goals, and activity trackers. This allows for mindfulness in all you do throughout the day and week. Just like our practice, the journal values your well-being and makes it easier to choose healthier options in your daily life. Follow this link  to get a 15% automatic discount at checkout. Thrive-Journal Bullet Journal This journal seems plain at first glance, but that’s what makes it so special. The Bullet Journal allows for complete creative licensing. Everyone has a different system to make lists and get things done, and this journal allows for you to have control of your schedule. If the whole idea of having to do it yourself scares you, there is a book available called “The Bullet Journal Method” from the creator of the Bullet Journal that explains best practices to use the journal most productively. Here’s a great article and video on how to best start doing a bullet journal that fits your style. Bullet-Journal Passion Planner The mission behind the Passion Planner is to help you make and keep short- and long-term goals. Included is a passion roadmap, monthly layouts, weekly layouts, and monthly reflections. There is the added bonus of motivational quotes, a gratitude log, and even a sketchbook. This planner is about you and the goals you want to keep this year, and beyond. Passion-Planner Sources Bloom Built Inc. “Home.” Day One, Bullet Journal. “Bullet Journal.” Bullet Journal, “Feature Overview.” Cozi Family Organizer, “Organise Your Classes, Tasks and Exams & Never Forget a Lecture or Assignment Again.” My Study Life, “The One Place for All Your Thoughts.” Passion Planner, “Undated Planners.” THRIVE PLANNER BY CHARLES CLARK,