Pain: Pay Attention Inside Now

  standard-medical Today, medical debt is the #1 cause of personal bankruptcy, and any advantage you can give yourself to get well and stay well naturally is of enormous benefit to you and your family. That’s our goal for you and why we share the latest science and research that we believe should matter to you. Why do people experience significantly better results when adjustments are added? Chiropractic adjustments focus on correcting the cause of your pain versus just medicating your symptoms away. In other words, your chiropractor’s objective is to find and correct the reason you’re experiencing your problem, rather than tricking your body into ignoring the signals your body is giving you that something might be wrong inside. Chiropractors believe that pain means to Pay Attention Inside Now.   A recent scientific study demonstrated that 73 percent of people with acute low back pain who used both standard medical care and chiropractic care experienced either significant improvement or complete relief, versus 17 percent of people who relied on standard medical care alone. That’s remarkable! This discovery might signify the beginning of a new trend where science primarily focuses on how to help people get well and stay well naturally. We might soon discover a wide range of possible health concerns that people could find significant improvement or complete relief from by adding natural methods like chiropractic care to their standard treatment plan.   Over the past few years, our country has been fighting one of the deadliest epidemics in history: addiction to prescription pain medications. What’s more, thanks to a pharmaceutical industry that has billions of dollars to spend on lobbying and advertising - it has been an uphill battle. In the United States alone, over 300 million prescriptions for pain relievers are filled each year. Many of the people filling those medications started taking them due to back pain, and until recently, prescribing pills has been the standard of medical care for acute pain. That’s why we have so many people addicted to painkillers, and it’s estimated that 2 percent of the population will eventually become addicted to these prescription painkillers. beginning-paradigm There is a better, safer way; a way to find relief without becoming addicted to these dangerous medications. New research shows that when chiropractic care is added to standard medical care, over 73 percent of people have significant improvement or complete relief! We think that statistic is worth mentioning twice in this blog. That is almost three quarters of folks experiencing chiropractic care testifying to positive results! What’s more, when people focus on correcting the cause of the problem and experience relief naturally, they don’t need to keep taking that higher and higher dose of medication to reduce their pain. That’s why many healthcare organizations are looking toward chiropractic care as a tremendous ally in the fight against prescription medication abuse and addiction.   In a world of dangerous medications, risky surgeries, and the costs of healthcare skyrocketing, doing what you can to get well and stay well for as long as you can is - what can we say - simply genius. Many of the most respected healthcare organizations in the world recommend chiropractic care as the best natural way to stay pain-free. And recent research from the top tier research journal SPINE has proven chiropractic has statistically and clinically significant benefits.genis-graphic   Studies have shown that together, chiropractic care along with standard medical care is the formula for better pain relief and long-lasting results. Share this with someone you know who suffers from acute low back or neck pain and would benefit from adding our care! Source: Adding Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy to Standard Medical Care for Patients With Acute Low Back Pain. SPINE Volume 38, Number 8, pp 627-634. @2013