A Family Dedicated to Health

A Family Dedicated to Health

Dr. Lance Loomis, DC

Originally from central New York, Dr. Lance Loomis enjoys many hobbies in his spare time, including teaching and training in martial arts, windsurfing, drawing, camping, playing mandolin, and playing with his daughter, Luci. As an Eagle Scout, Dr. Loomis has become a master of knot tying, which is not something he demonstrates with patients.

Dr. Loomis has had the pleasure of benefiting from chiropractic care his whole life, and has turned that lifelong experience into a passion for serving others with a strong holistic healthcare approach. Dr. Loomis previously worked in another office in the Baltimore area as the primary treatment doctor. Dr. Loomis earned his Doctorate of Chiropractic from New York Chiropractic College, graduating magna cum laude.

He is the recipient of the D.D. Palmer Memorial Award and Basic Science Award. He was also a member of Phi Chi Omega Chiropractic Honor Society during his graduate studies. Previously, he earned a B.S. degree in physics from State University of New York (SUNY) at Cortland, where he graduated summa cum laude.

“I have been treated by a chiropractor since I was born. I attribute my overall health to having been under chiropractic wellness care my entire life. I love to teach my patients how incredible the design of the human body is. I really get excited when patients transform their perspective on health from reactive to proactive.”