Happiness is Not Having a Headache

  July migraine-1Wake up. Go to Work. Suffer from a stiff neck. End the night with a headache. Repeat. Hopefully, this doesn’t sound familiar - but for millions of people, it is their daily cycle. Posture, stress, and fatigue can all contribute to headaches and can increase their duration, severity, and frequency. The good news? It doesn’t need to be that way. July migraine-2Over 75% of adults suffer from headaches, many with migraines. Headaches make it difficult to concentrate and communicate, leaving you ready to curl up on the couch and pull a blanket over your head. Some people suffer from headaches multiple times per week! As you can imagine, this can leave you feeling tired, irritable, and sometimes even depressed. What can they do? Take medication every day? Did you know that the primary side effect of headache medications is, well…headaches! Yes, many prescriptions that are taken for headaches tend to contribute to headaches. Talk about a vicious cycle – but, headache sufferers may not need to take these medications to find relief. July migraine-3Luckily, new research has shown a new path to headache relief. Researchers have discovered chiropractic care can provide over a 50% reduction in pain by the first follow-up. Adjustments can decrease the frequency AND severity of headaches. By reducing the overall pain level, frequency, and severity, you can get back to your regular activities quickly and regain your quality of life. How does chiropractic care achieve this? It’s simple! Chiropractic care can address the cause of your headaches with adjustments, postural correction, and nutritional support. July migraine-4Adjustments also help reduce muscle spasms in your shoulders and in the muscles that support your neck, which can help reduce the pain associated with headaches. Chiropractors can offer nutritional advice that can help you discover food sensitivities or allergies that can lead to migraine headaches. We all know people who continually suffer from migraine headaches, or even have to take off work because of them. Share this blog with a friend or co-worker who you know has struggled with migraine headaches. Many people don’t understand that the best treatment for their headaches may be in a chiropractor's office instead of at the bottom of a bottle of pills. Start being proactive with your health today! Sources: Evidence-Based Guidelines for the Chiropractic Treatment of Adults with Headache. Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics. Volume 34, Number 5. 2011 Efficacy of Manual and Manipulative Therapy in the Perception of Pain and Cervical Motion in Patients with a Tension-Type Headache: A Randomized, Controlled Clinical Trial. Journal of Chiropractic Medicine (2014) 13, 4-13