It used to be eating a healthy diet could give you all the nutrition your body needed in a given day. But times have changed - farming practices have depleted soil of nutrients they used to provide us and animals are no longer pasture raised, thus depleting our bodies of essential amino acids and nutrition we desperately need. So we include a nutritional profile as part of your examination, and the doctor will recommend specific supplements you may need to support your overall health.

We offer a variety of supplements specific to your nutritional needs. We partner with companies like Anabolic Labs, Standard Process, Designs for Health, and Klaire Labs, to name a few. Call Dr. Loomis to learn more about these products.

We also offer essential oils as nutrition through Young Living. To read more about essential oils and how they can help you live a chemical free life, read our blog article here. If you are already sold on essential oils and want to know the most cost-effective way to purchase them, contact us today. If you would like to purchase your premium starter kit today, click here to be redirected to Young Living's website. Once a kit is purchased, you are eligible for wholesale pricing, a 24% discount off retail prices!

Why do we partner with Young Living over any other company?

Because of their standards of purity - Young Living offers a seed-to-seal guarantee. They own most of their own farms and control the planting, growing and distillation process all the way through. So we are confident using these essential oils as nutrition because they have not been altered in any way from the way nature intended. Call us today if you would like to know more!

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