Cutting the opioid crisis down with chiropractic care

  TSC MAY OPIOIDS PROMOS-1Thomas Edison famously once said, “The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and the cause and prevention of disease.” With medical journals now supporting the use of Chiropractic adjustments as a primary recommendation for spine pain, it seems that his vision has come true. For over 100 years, Chiropractors have been focused on helping people improve their quality of life and reduce their pain - without the use of drugs or surgery. Up to one-third of Americans live with chronic pain on a daily basis, and many have become reliant upon opioids to treat it. It seems as though a day doesn’t pass without seeing a tragic story linked to opioids in the news. And while these medications were created to help people live a better life, over 100 people per day are now dying due to overdoses. Some publications have even called them more addictive than street drugs like cocaine and heroin.   TSC MAY OPIOIDS PROMOS-2Roughly 21% to 29% of patients prescribed opioids for chronic pain misuse them. The bottom line is that health is rarely, if ever, found in a bottle. Chronic pain can be debilitating. The constant pain can keep you from working, enjoying hobbies, and is even linked with depression. Many people have been led to believe that their only escape is to take more and more medications,  but exciting new research has begun to showcase that movement and exercise can help you feel better both physically and mentally. For years, opioid medications were commonly prescribed for people with back injuries. As a matter of fact, doctors have written enough opioid prescriptions for every adult in the US to have a bottle. This practice has led to the devastation of millions of lives. Thankfully, recent guidelines have been urging physicians to try natural, conservative healthcare BEFORE resorting to the prescription of dangerous medications.   TSC MAY OPIOIDS PROMOS-3Nationally, opioid-related ER visits increased 99.4% between 2005 and 2014. That is almost 100% increase over a 9 year period. And the statistics are not improving over the last few years. Alarming news about opioids has come to light, and it hasn’t been pretty. In 2016, over 500,000 people were hospitalized - and 33,000 died - due to these dangerous drugs. Many of these individuals were taking medications for spine-related pain. While this tragedy has fractured countless families around the world, it has also inspired a fresh look at treatment options that don’t include these dangerous drugs. Top researchers have been looking for safer alternatives to not only prevent people from getting addicted to these medications but also to help those who are already taking them ween off. What they discovered may surprise you. Not only were conservative options extremely effective at keeping people off opioids, but natural care (including Chiropractic) was cited as one of the primary options people could use to help get off these medications for good.   TSC MAY OPIOIDS PROMOS-4The likelihood of filling prescriptions for opioids is 55% lower for Chiropractic recipients. If you know someone who is using opioids for pain, please refer them to our office! Together, we can fight this epidemic and help you and your friends and family live healthier lives - drug free!   Sources: Association Between Utilization of Chiropractic Services for Treatment of Low-Back Pain and Use of Prescription Opioids. Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine 2018 Rates of Opioid Misuse, Abuse, and Addiction in Chronic Pain: a Systematic Review and Data Synthesis. Pain. 2015 Spinal High-Velocity Low Amplitude Manipulation in Acute Nonspecific Low Back Pain: a Double-Blinded Randomized Controlled Trial in Comparison with Diclofenac and Placebo. Spine 2013 Noninvasive Treatments for Acute, Subacute, and Chronic Low Back Pain: A Clinical Practice Guideline from the American College of Physicians. Annals of Internal Medicine 2017