Chiropractic Brain Octane


Well before buttered coffee and MCT oil became a popular trend (thanks to bulletproof coffee developed by Dave Asprey), a neurobiologist and Nobel award winner, Dr. Roger Sperry, had a staggering finding regarding human performance. He discovered that movement of the spine generates 90% of stimulation and nutrition to the brain, which means better reasoning, energy and strength for active people! 

Research has postulated that chiropractic adjustments decrease your sympathetic response (that’s fancy speak for fight, flight or fright), which can lead to improved healing. When our brain has time to think things through, we have more of an opportunity to be and stay productive. As our fight or flight decreases, our brain power increases, making us smarter!

Recent research uncovered even more ways that a chiropractic adjustment stimulates your brain function. Studies have shown that our brain also increases its rate of metabolizing glucose after an adjustment. In the case of our brain, glucose (sugar) is a good thing – it needs it to function! Now science is proving that your care might make you even smarter due to the gentle movement created during an adjustment, which we now know can stimulate both your brain and nervous system.

Research tells us that a chiropractic adjustment can provide your brain with a natural boost. This is exciting! We already know chiropractic care reduces pain and makes you feel better, and now we know it also provides a boost of energy. If you’re looking for more than another cup of coffee or bottled shot of energy, great adjustments can help you break the vicious cycle!


This is why we do both adjustments and physical therapy in our office – to keep you moving! The more effort you put in at home in staying active with the exercises we give you, the better your body will hold its adjustments and the more energy you’ll have, thus reducing pain. In short, keep moving to get and stay healthy!

promos-3But there’s more! Research has shown a simple chiropractic adjustment doesn’t only help reduce your pain levels, it also enables you to get stronger! It’s true. Researchers measured the electrical activity in the arms and legs before, during and after a chiropractic adjustment. What did they find? An increase in cortical drive post chiropractic adjustment. That’s science-speak for more strength.


Stronger is better. Better stamina, better balance, better coordination, better performance in every area of your life. What will you do with more strength? While one adjustment may not make you a champion powerlifter, this exciting new research is important for all of us who want to live an active lifestyle.

Use your brain! What would happen if more people in your life were getting more nutrition to their brain through healthy spinal movement? Make an appointment at our office for the people you live and work with. Healthier family + Healthier co-workers = Healthier you.

Health is not a result of how you feel; it’s a byproduct of how you function.


promos-4Keeping your spine moving and brain functioning at its maximum capacity has been one of the best-kept secrets to getting well and staying well naturally. Stay consistent with your care to stay consistent with your health.



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